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Chasing Daisy

Chasing Daisy - Paige Toon I normally try to pick books with a high average rating so I'm not disappointed after I've finished. Unfortunately that didn't help with Chasing Daisy. I had a couple issues with this story.

1) The length. I have no problem reading long books. I prefer shorter ones but if the story is good then long is okay cause I don't feel like it's dragging. I feel like the author could have cut out a good 1/4 of the novel and it still would have been just as good.

2) The relationship with Will. Page wise she was in love with him for more then half of the book. Since she doesn't end up with him I think that's annoying. I would much rather read about her and Luis.

3) Daisy. She was SUCH a bitch for most of the book! How Luis fell in love with her and wanted to be with her is beyond me. She treated him like crap most of the book and the way that she would fawn over Will was just silly (not in a good way).

I have more but I'm at risk of ranting. Lol I'm not sure what I should rate this.. when I wasn't annoyed it was good so I suppose 3 stars.