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Not Your Average Fairytale

Not Your Average Fairytale - Chantele Sedgwick 4.5

Ack I don't wanna wait for Not Your Average Happy Ending!! I thought this was a stand alone *cries* now I gotta wait. :(

I love Kendalls character she reminds me of me with some of her quirks. 
Specially this one
"I pulled a pair of socks out of my dresser, smiling at how well they matched my outfit. No one had as many cute socks as I did. I didn't own one pair of plain white socks, and I was proud of it. It was my one quirk no one really knew about."
I also have a love for socks lol I have like over 200 pairs of all different colors and patterns. :D 
Another quirk...the hatred for bananas 
"Bananas were the worst food ever. I don't know how anyone could eat a mushy fruit."
I totally agree lol bananas are gross :D

Ash is also pretty awesome love his aversion to girly stuff. Too funny.