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Alluvion (The Ylem Trilogy, #2) - Tatiana Vila From the Author:


Posted on September 5, 2012
The second book in the Ylem trilogy
I know this is coming late, REALLY late, and that some of you want to kill me for taking so long to get Alluvion out there--I know apologies aren't enough, but an explanation and a snippet of information many of you have been asking me for months now, will be--to some extent--enough for the moment :)

My life has taken an interesting turn work-wise, a good turn that has flooded my days with a lot of hecticness and a crazy busy agenda. The bad thing is, this means less time for me to fulfill my biggest passion: writing. But don't worry! Kalista, Tristan and Caleb are constantly talking to me and they really can't wait to be out there with the second installment of the trilogy.

So now to the most important question. When will Alluvion come out? The book is almost done--and, God, it's one of my favorites--but most of you know that the process doesn't end with the book being finished. A lot of polishing and editing still needs to be done. So, back to my answer. I believe the last week of November is our winning week. I know. I know. The wait has been really long, but I promise you it WILL be worth it. Mark my words!

I love you guys, and thank you for all your support! You rock :)