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Hopeless (Hopeless, #1)

Hopeless - Colleen Hoover Wow I love this book! I'm sure I can't write any praise that has not already been written about this book so I won't try to write a long review lol But I do want to point out with so many similarities between Hopeless and The Boy Who Sneaks in my Bedroom Window all I kept thinking is how much better TBWSBW could have been. lol Where that book lacked for me this one exceeded ALL expectations. This story might have ruined me for any other books with a similar theme. lol

Quotes that made me laugh :)

Karen shuts the backdoor and turns to me. “You know I trust you, but please…”
“Don’t get pregnant,” I interrupt. “I know, I know. You’ve been saying that every time you leave for the past two years. I’m not getting pregnant, Mom. Only terribly high and cracked out.”
She laughs and hugs me. “Good girl. And wasted. Don’t forget to get really wasted.”
“I won’t forget, I promise. And I’m renting a TV for the weekend so I can sit around and eat ice-cream and watch trash on cable.”
She pulls back and glares at me. “Now that’s not funny.”

You fell asleep right when she was about to find out her mother’s secret. How dare you. I’ll be back tomorrow night so you can finish reading it to me. And by the way, you have really bad breath and you snore way too loud.

“Your spaghetti sucks ass.” I take another bite and close my eyes, savoring what is possibly the best pasta that’s ever passed my lips.
“You love it and you know it,” he says. He stands up from the table and grabs two napkins, then brings them back and hands me one. “Now wipe your chin, you’ve got sucky ass spaghetti sauce all over it.”

“Wow,” I whisper. I keep staring at the e-reader, hoping he’s not playing some cruel joke on me, because if he tries to pry this out of my hands I’ll run.

I’m not a sucker for happily ever afters, but if these two characters don’t get theirs I might climb inside this e-reader and lock them both inside that damn garage forever.

When he turns around, I’m positive my facial expression is stuck between an OMG and a WTF. I’m learning.

This book has the perfect amount of funny and sad moments. GREAT PICK LEX!!!!