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Little Red Hood (An Erotic Fairy Tale) (Angel Fairy Tales)

Little Red Hood (An Erotic Fairy Tale) (Angel Fairy Tales) - Angela Black
She tugged a few more times, but when it became clear she’d never budge him an inch, he grabbed hold of Red and hurled the two of them into the night air. They spun round and round, together in the wind as they flew through the air.
They collided to the ground with a raucous,
wtf? He can fly?

After reading this warning
Warning: This eBook contains graphic violence, coarse language and sexual intercourse. Adults only.
you think your about to get some good nooky but really this is all you get
"Red straddled atop him with her thighs digging into his erect manhood. Her eyes rolled back into her head and she arched backwards as the pleasure took her into another world—his world—where sinful roots grow the deepest.

They rolled around on the ground together for the rest of the night, bursting with corrupt thoughts of depravity and self-gratification. They beckoned for each other’s touch and called out for the heavens to come and lift them into the heights of gods, if even just one short moment in time.

Their passion lasted all night, until the early hours of morning. "