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The Boy Who Sneaks In My Bedroom Window

The Boy Who Sneaks in My Bedroom Window - Kirsty Moseley Really a 2.5... I really wanted to like this one but I really didn't like how "perfect" Liam is..he drove me nuts my girl this my angel that I'm pretty sure he never called her amber throughout the whole book this sentence made me laugh
"I’d never done anything that she didn’t want before and I hated doing it now."
WHAT?!? All she talked about at first was how much of an ass he was! He slept with all those girls to "get over" her? Psht..Yeah okay I believe that...the bet thing was stupid too considering that he slept with so many girls you'd think there wouldn't be that much demand for him.
And Amber good grief I know she is only 16 but ashe is so immature it's beyond annoying. At one part near the end this really bugged me... (big spoiler!!!) "I thought after losing the baby that nothing could be more painful. I was wrong." Are you kidding me?! You just lost your baby and your bf going to jail is more painful?! Come on *rolls eyes* why would I care as a reader that she lost her baby when the first thing that she thought abut when she found out about the baby is to get an abortion then that crap. Ugh
Don't get me wrong some parts were really sweet (although cheesy) and thats the only reason for roundup to the three stars. But I probably wouldnt put Ms. Moseley at the top of my to-read list again...