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Mockingjay (The Hunger Games, Book 3)

Mockingjay - Collins Suzanne This review is only for people who have read the book!!

Okay let me first say that i love this series a lot. This one included. Even though I am only giving it a four because it did not live up to the only books. That being said i have alot of problems with this book. I'll list four.

1) How many people had to die. Really Prim? Finnick? Poor Finnick he just got what he wanted and she killed him off and he didnt even get to know that annie was pregnant he spent this whole book in utter despair over annie and he didnt even have a future with her that sucks. i also thought he should have had a better death it was over so horribly quick he didnt even have any last words and i thought he was a more important character then that. As for prim i had to reread that whole page to make sure i was reading it correctly for some reason i didnt think it was clear at all. i have a theory could the author have just killed of gale? (i was always on peetas side) I mean i liked gale and everything but considering the way the book ended anyway would it not have had the same results? i realize that someone very important to katniss had to die i know that but if it had been gale it would have had the same effect katniss she still would have killed president snow over the loss of gale or even her mother but i was very sad over the death of prim. On a side note I wish cinna was alive we neveR really knew if he was dead so I was hoping he lived but I guess it was to much to hope for out of this book :(

2) President Snow and President Coin. I get that Coin had to die but before Snow? Snow caused the war in the first place and Coin took priority over Snow? I dont think so. Snow didnt even get what he deserved not at all. I mean he ruined peeta!

3) the love triangle. Pretty much this whole book was about gale and katniss. That would be okay if they ended up together but they don't. Peeta and katniss do and I think that they should have been given more time in the book because I feel kinda cheated I wanted epic love for a awesome book and I don't feel that was given to me. Peeta didn't trust her the whole time they were together I think they should have been given the chance to refall in love. They didn't even fight over her at all as much as gale claimed to love her he just walked away! I get that it was his bomb idea that got prim killed but really he didn't do it and it really would not have been that hard for him to stand up for himself in her eyes to make her see that. Really?! He just let katniss go it was dissapointing to say the least.

4) The ending!!!! It was so rushed!!! I'm so mad...I know that the book could not go on forever as much as I wish it could but really it was so short and rushed after she killed the president. We get a summery of what happened while she was in there and then she goes home nothing is said happen haymitch other then he went back to drinking peeta plants a primrose bush we get one do you love me scene then kids running how very unsatisfing

But as much as I complain I loved this book and I think that everyone should read this series that it will gave you thinking about it long after it's done