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Arsen - Mia Asher 3.5

So many mixed emotions!!!!!!

I didn't thing I'd like this book, in fact I was almost positive I wouldn't. If it wasn't for the last 70 pages this would have been givin a 2.5 star rating. I'm just glad that in the end Cathy finally figured out who she wanted. Took her long enough. Lol

A few things bothered me other then the obvious...
The expensive label dropping. It was everywhere. Drove me kinda nuts. I get it they're rich.

Hearing how "achingly beautiful" Arsen is every time he gets described. I get it he's hot.

My biggest peeve in Arsen? The swearing. I'm not a prude I promise. In RL I swear all the time and yes shame on me f*ck is a regular word in my vocabulary, but more then 560 times in one novel? Yes it was in all sorts of different variations (f*ck, f*cking, motherf*cker, ect.) but still that has got to be a record. lol It made me feel like the author couldn't think of any other words to describe strong emotions.

Random question: Does one character being under 25 make this a new adult? Cathy is the main character and she's 30...