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Running Back (New York Leopards, #2)

Running Back (New York Leopards, #2) - Allison Parr Info :)
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Lea: You've signed a three-book deal with Carina. What can we look forward to from you next, and will the books be connected? You wrote some standout secondary characters in Rush Me. : )

Allison: Thanks! Book two is about Michael O'Connor, the Leopards' running back, and archaeology grad student Natalie Sullivan.

When Mike inherits a plot of Irish land from an estranged uncle, he also takes on a grad student determind to excavate an Iron Age harbor on his property. Natalie wants to prove herself to the academic community, while Mike wants to protect old family secrets. In a battle of wills that carries them from New York City, to rural Ireland, to the lights of Paris, Natalie and Mike deconstruct their own chaming personas, and in doing so uncover more than an ancient harbor.

I also have a novella in the works that tells the backstory of Alexandra Wilson and Nathan Hart, former best friends who went their separate ways at the end of high school, only to be reunited for the first time in Rush Me.